Salesforce Data Migration Services

Whether you are moving data from one CRM into Salesforce or migrating to Salesforce, we help you in smooth migration of data into Salesforce. Through proper planning and processes, we make sure that Salesforce data migration is quick, reliable and seamless.

Our Salesforce Data Migration Services Include:-

  • Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce migration
  • SugarCRM to Salesforce migration
  • SuiteCRM to Salesforce migration
  • ACT to Salesforce migration
  • Excel to Salesforce migration
  • Zoho to Salesforce migration
  • NetSuite to Salesforce migration
  • MySql to Salesforce migration
  • Data migration is a complex process which is highly customized, as every customer data is different. Data migration requires good understanding of data types of the customer and is iterative process with checkpoint after every iteration. At NetSutra, we make sure our Salesforce Data Migration service is completed seamlessly without any hiccups.

    Complete Salesforce data migration service consists of following seven steps:

    • Analysis: Company data is reviewed
    • Extraction: Data is extracted from current data source
    • Transformation: Data extracted is standardized as per Salesforce
    • Cleansing: Unwanted data is removed
    • Loading: Data is migrated inside Salesforce
    • De-Duplication: Data duplication is removed
    • Testing: New setup is tested with business process.