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Ensure Safe and Seamless Data Migration to Salesforce!

We understand that you want your data and workflows to be safely transferred to Salesforce when you migrate from some other CRM, and this process must go as seamlessly as possible.

At NetSutra, our salesforce consultant and CRM administrator analyze your data and business requirements. Through proper planning, they prepare a strategy ensuring that the salesforce data migration is fast, secure, and seamless.

Simplify the Process of Advancing Business Data from Legacy Systems to Salesforce

Our experienced and certified salesforce consultants leverage advanced tools and cutting-edge technologies to make the data migration process smooth and flawless.


Salesforce Data Migration Services

No Matter What the Platform Is, NetSutra Has Got Your Back!

How Does Our Salesforce Data Migration Service Work?

We follow a complete process through a seven-step simple but effective approach.

  • Analysis: Assessment of your company data
  • Extraction: From the current data source, the data that needs to be migrated is extracted
  • Transformation: Extracted data is standardized as per Salesforce
  • Cleansing: Clearing out the unwanted data
  • Loading: Initiation of data migration inside Salesforce
  • Deduplication: Eliminating data duplication
  • Testing: New setup is tested with the business process.

NetSutra’s Salesforce Data Migration Services - What Do We Offer?

Data migration is highly complex as every customer's data is particular and customized in its own way. That’s why it requires a good understanding of data types and a thorough knowledge of your current and future data systems.

At NetSutra, we follow an automated and tailored migration approach that mitigates risks and ensures a seamless CRM transition.

Our comprehensive range of Salesforce Lightning services includes:

  • Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce migration
  • SuiteCRM to Salesforce migration
  • SugarCRM to Salesforce migration
  • Excel to Salesforce migration
  • ACT to Salesforce migration
  • NetSuite to Salesforce migration
  • Zoho to Salesforce migration
  • MySQL to Salesforce migration

Migration from Another CRM

Data migration from alternative CRM is a complex process as almost each CRM has its own different data format. Time and effort are needed in order to perform reformatting and mapping of data to align it with salesforce data migration requirements. Our CRM developers have the expertise to migrate data from different platforms, such as Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, etc.

Migration from Another Salesforce Org

Our certified Salesforce CRM developers are proficient in securely migrating all your data from an existing Salesforce Org to a new Salesforce Org. We ensure that imported objects follow a specific order to create and maintain record relationships.

Data Synchronization with Salesforce

A customized integration server or the implementation of the Mulesoft integration may be needed to synchronize several data sources. This synchronization can be either one-sided or two-sided. However, the two-sided synchronization is relatively more complex in terms of data compilation and organization. But the certified experts consulting salesforce data migration could easily do even the toughest of tasks.

Eliminate Risks and Migrate Flawlessly with the Right Salesforce Data Migration Partner

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