Salesforce Administration Services

Keeping a full-time Salesforce administrator, who is good, is a challenge! Why keep a full-time administrator that costs a lot and not enough work to keep him busy?

NetSutra provides pay-per-use service to suit your requirements, eliminates the need for a full-time Salesforce Administrator on your payroll. Our Salesforce Admins are Salesforce certified and have experience with different aspects of Salesforce applications, integrations and configurations, to ensure that you are making optimized use of Salesforce environment.

Our Salesforce Administration service includes:

Org Assessment

Just as you go to the doctor for a check up or take your car to the mechanic, your Salesforce org needs to be reviewed from time to time by a third party expert to help optimize your investment.

User Management

Review different Profiles since profile controls the visibility and security for different user. Review of active users, create users, deactivate users, password reset.

Data Security Model

Our Salesforce Administration Service, secure access to your applications, information and rationale to a key portion of utilization improvement and framework arrangement.

Org Configuration

Our Salesforce Administrator can help you quickly get Sales or Service Cloud configured to get you up and running. We also provide customization and optimization for both Sales cloud and Service cloud as per customer business requirements.

Reports & Workflows

Build custom reports and dashboards according to your needs. Configure approval processes, workflows based on your needs.

Org Upgrade

Salesforce Administrator updates production and sandbox environments with latest updates and patches. Installs or upgrade and configure any App-Exchange applications as per client's needs.