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Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR )

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") has gained prominence from all avenues. Today, CSR is considered as the most responsible way of doing business for corporates. CSR is not charity or mere donations but a way of doing business as usual, while creating shared values and contributions for social and environment good.

NetSutra's Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy stems from its belief in 'One World One Workplace'. NetSutra reaches out to several strata of the society with the aim of improving their quality of life.

NetSutra's CEO and Founder Sanjay Jindal, distributing sweaters at Tapovan Vidhya Mandir on the occasion of Diwali

For more details on Tapovan Vidhya Mandir, Please refer to link http://www.tapovanedu.org or contact Mr. Narendra Garg ( nkgarg65@gmail.com )

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