How to configure Live Agent

Salesforce Live Agent is a native Salesforce tool that provides the ability to communicate in real-time with your users. Live Agent connect with customers or website visitors in real time through a Web-based, text-only live chat. You can customize Live Agent to create a personalized chat experience for your customer service agents and the customers they serve using custom code.

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Queueable Apex: More Than an @future

Queueable Apex
Take control of your asynchronous Apex processes by using the Queueable interface. This interface enables you to add jobs to the queue and monitor them, which is an enhanced way of running your asynchronous Apex code compared to using future methods.

For Apex processes that run for a long time, such as extensive database operations or external Web service callouts, you can run them asynchronously by implementing the Queueable interface and adding a job to the Apex job queue. In this way, your asynchronous Apex job runs in the background in its own thread and doesn’t delay the execution of your main Apex logic. A benefit of using the Queueable interface methods is that some governor limits are higher than for synchronous Apex, such as heap size limits. Continue reading “Queueable Apex: More Than an @future”

Introduction to Salesforce Object Query Language(SOQL)

Salesforce Object Query Language(SOQL) is used to search your organization’s data for specific information.
SOQL is similar to the SELECT statement in the widely used Structured Query Language (SQL) but is specifically designed for Salesforce.

SOQL can be used with Apex, Visualforce and Schema explorer of IDE.

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Retrieve Accounts via Remote Objects

Well, here are few advantages of “Visualforce Remote Objects” :

  1. No need to write Controllers, Everything can be done in Visualforce only.
  2. As @RemoteAction annotated methods needs to be static so you had to take special precaution as it didn’t supported Viewstate. This hurdle is completely removed now.
  3. No need to write Test Class now, as no Controller is involved.
  4. Not counted against API call

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