How to configure Live Agent

Salesforce Live Agent is a native Salesforce tool that provides the ability to communicate in real-time with your users. Live Agent connect with customers or website visitors in real time through a Web-based, text-only live chat. You can customize Live Agent to create a personalized chat experience for your customer service agents and the customers they serve using custom code.

Step to configure live agent:

1. setup > Live Agent Settings

2. Enable Live Agent

3. setup > Skills > New

4. Setup > Live Agent Configurations > New



























5. setup > Chat Buttons & Invitations >New

6. setup > Deployments > New




Copy Deployment code and Copy Chat button code and save as Html.

7.Setup > Apps > New > Console > Create a service console

8. Select the app that’s you create and Open the HTML file in the browser and communicate.










Note: You can customize the live agent as you required, like the chat window, button, msgs, UI. You can use this script on your website pages.

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