Manufacturers Inventory (USA)

Manufacturers' Inventory offers manufacturers free to use tools to make selling online an efficient and profitable solution to dead inventory in the manufacturing industry. Inventory Managers can create 5000 listings an hour from very basic information. They only need to input a list with Manufacturer Part Number and quantity. The MI system will automatically create full detailed product listings by pulling the product image, description, weight, dimensions, and competitive sale price from our master database to complete the listing.

Using MI, you can effortlessly access new worldwide sales channels. MI understands the industry and has built its toolkit around the specific needs of manufacturers.


  • No upfront cost to start selling.
  • Admin module to manage Buyers, Sellers and Products.
  • Sellers can upload list of inventory and edit the listings in bulk, saving them time and effort.
  • Buyers can search website for inventory using only the manufacturer part number. Potential buyers can also refine the search on different features like Name of Product, Manufacturer, Cost etc.
  • Manufacturers’ Inventory displays multiple Sellers listing a particular product. Which helps buyers get the best deal.
  • Buyers can post their request for any critical product that they are looking for on Manufacturers’ Inventory and the system will send them a notification as soon as the product is available.
  • Sellers also get notification if a buyer is looking for a critical part that is available with that seller.
  • Buyers can post dispute they have had with a transaction and Manufacturers’ Inventory personnel will manage it.
  • Buyers have the option to rate sellers and give them feedback based on their experiences. This helps prove credibility between buyers and sellers.

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